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Does it feel like you are losing control? You feel anxious and cannot stop the fears.  These overwhelming thoughts can interrupt your ability to live your best life.  Issues can come into our lives at any time and debilitate any person.  These issues come without warning, often in devasting ways and can completely catch us off guard.  Choosing to begin therapy shows incredible inner strength and a desire to invest in yourself. 

Therapy can be a healing tool to get your life back.  I view therapy as a way for you to explore your inner thoughts in a safe, comforting and non-judgemental environment.  Please know you are never alone.  I am here to help. Gaining back control can build strength, inner peace and promote healthy feelings.  

I value each person I work with - it is an honor that a person would choose me to trust.  I know it is difficult to make the first step and enter treatment, so please feel free to call or email with any additional questions.  I offer a free phone consultation to address any concerns.   

~ What we do today, right now, will have an accumulated
effect on all our tomorrows  ~
Alexandra Stoddard

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